Landing In Albuquerque

*Sunset on The Sandia Mountains*

After much time and anticipation I am glad to invite you all to my blog page for my YAV Year in ABQ! We have been in ABQ for about 3-4 days and so far I love it here. Though I am from the Blue Ridge Mountains originally, and am thus used to rolling mountains filled with lush green and blue hues, there is something captivating about the energy in the desert here. Our first real night here our site coordinator took us up to the Sandia Crest to eat dinner. After gaining 5000 feet in elevation in less than 40 minutes driving up to the peak, I was absolutely astounded by the view and vistas that we witnessed atop the crest. 

It has been especially nice to be here in Albuquerque after a long week of orientation at Stony Point Center in Stony Point NY. While in Stony Point, the entire program, set aside the three 2nd Year YAV’s not present at orientation engaged in important anti-racism work while also building community young one another. 

We are almost half way through our local orientation here in ABQ and had quite the adventure this past Wednesday (8/28/19). We were given a list of places to go see around Albuquerque with only 20 dollars to use to get us there as a kind of scavenger hunt around the city of sorts. However, since the whole house is participating in The New Mexico Pilgrimage For Unity in September, we took this exercise as an opportunity to do a good bit of walking as a training of sorts, considering we will be walking about 40 miles in 3 days near the middle of September. Still need to make sure to break in my hiking boots for that.

This resulted in us spending 3 hours walking to 3 spots total, one of which was opening a bank account at a local credit union. So by the time it was 5pm, we had crossed off 3 of 18 spots on our list. Needless to say we didn’t finish. However, we were able to see almost all of our individual work sites around the city and then proceeded to enjoy our 1st communal meal together…around 9:30pm that night.

As I said earlier I very much enjoy being in ABQ so far. Work starts on September 5th and I couldn’t be more stoked to start my job at New Mexico Wild. I’ll make sure to keep y’all updated throughout the coming months.

-Tristan Wall


I’ve never really blogged before so I think I am going to keep these fairly casual. After 4 years of numerous academic papers and 20+ page final exam papers, I think Ill take a break from overly intellectual academic writing. After all, me writing in a casual and laid back way will lend y’all into my frame of mind and setting in the best way possible if you ask me. So we’ll see where this goes.

-Peace and Blessings